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Read Before Download
Read Before Download

A PC game of throwing rings to poles.
This program runs on Windows Operating Systems(Win95+) and requires a Pentium (or compatible) processor of 200 Mhz or above. 
Also requires DirectX 3.0 or above to have been installed on computers.
In all newer computers a version of DirectX comes with the Windows operating system. Otherwise the DirectX Redist(ributable) must be downloaded from Microsoft's site at:
(Allthough installing DirectX is common practice, a lot of games do that during their instalation, suggesting the download does not mean the taking of any responsibility of malfunctions)
The game is not self-installed by an "installer" program. All the required files of the game are compressed by WinZip in one file named (or if you download the demo/evaluation copy)
Must be decompressed (WinZip is available at and all 18 files (including a ReadMe file) placed in one folder,for example "RingsGame". Then run the executable, Rings (.exe). (Or RingsDemo (.exe) that allows for the three last rings to be played)